Teleporting Effect

In this tutorial, you will learn how to teleport an object  and text from one position to another by making use  Montion Path animation.


  1. Firstly, create oval object via insert > shapes > oval. Draw and hold the Shift button to create a circle object.
  2. Then, click Animation > Animation Pane. And now, in the sidebar appear Animation Pane Panel.
  3. In the Animation Ribbon, click more > More Montion Paths.
  4. Montion Paths dialog will appear. Choose Down Montion Path > ok.
  5. Line of Montion Path will appear. Then click and hold the ending position of path over the starting position. Make sure that the dotted line cannot seen anymore.
  6. Then, In the Animation Pane, Click bottom arrow > Effect Option.
  7. Effect Option Dialog will appear. Set Path from Unlocked to Locked.
  8. Now you can move the oval object to anywhere you like as start position.
  9. To create multiple teleport effect on this object, repeat this step. You should use Add Animation to create another Montion Path

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